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About Us

Meet Our Executive
Chef, Fernando Lemus

Accomplished hospitality professional offering 25 years of experience, Chef Fernando is ready to take on South Florida with innovative flavors! His talents include creating an appetizing cuisine, serving nutritious and tasty meals while combining textures and colors masterfully. Leading by example, he and his team provide the luxurious fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home.

5 Star Rating

How It Works



Choose from 3 weekly rotating Menus,
8 Categories and over 90 delicious meals



We do the cooking so you can
continue to enjoy your living



We deliver fresh, never frozen meals
directly to your doorstep

Fresh, Healthy & Unbelievably Tasty

Healthy Nutrition
Starts With a

Fresh, Never Frozen Ingredients

At Cuisine on Call, we are not just another meal delivery service! We take our responsibility of nourishing you seriously! As you become part of our family, we want you to know that we prepare healthy and delicious foods from our caring kitchen to the comfort of your home. Our ingredients are hand selected to make sure they are the finest and freshest foods available! Never from frozen! We deliver the ultimate experience with flavors and nutritious styles tailored for all cuisine preferences!

Cuisine on Call

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Choose & Enjoy

What you see is what you get! Our meals are prepared, assembled, and delivered with love and trust in mind. Our goal is to create a loyal and long-standing relationship with you as we take the stress of cooking off your plate. Consider us your Chefs on Call as we deliver nutritious and delicious meals to your doorstep. No minimum order or contract required! We will let the food speak for itself. Start your meal journey today by browsing through our variety of options below.

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